White House wavers over 2-state solution as Trump, Netanyahu meet —

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House, the Trump administration is going back and forth over whether its vision for Middle East peace includes a Palestinian state.

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Bruce Springsteen – PRINCE tribute PURPLE RAIN

Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to Prince with a passionate cover of Purple Rain to open his show April 23, 2016, at the Barclay’s Center in New York.

Springsteen and the E Street Band walked on stage underneath purple light, the first sign that the show would mark Prince’s passing. Band members wore purple: ties, shirts, and scarves. And their body language conveyed sadness. Once they took their places, Bruce began a tribute to a departed musician, his third this year (Bowie, Frey).



Sounding markedly subdued, Springsteen dedicated the evening’s music to Prince. “There was no one better,” Springsteen said, citing his comrade’s skills as a songwriter, bandleader, showman, and arranger. “Whenever I caught one of his shows, I came away humbled. I’m going to miss that. I’m going to miss him.”

Keith Olbermann: A Letterman Appreciation


My perspective on David Letterman is a little different, I think, than most of his other frequent-but-really-not-that-big-a-deal guests. For one thing, while I can still be freshly awestruck by his intelligence and his creative genius, I like his humanity even more. The thing I like most about Dave is Dave.

Plus, I had been a fan for 25 years before I was ever on the show, and I had managed to meet him at NBC even though neither of us worked there. I was just leaving 30 Rock to get back to ESPN when I heard this very familiar voice shout my name and then, “What the hell are you doing here?” I explained, with a mixture of surprise and pride, that Bryant Gumbel had brought me down from Connecticut to be the sports guy on a panel for the Today show year in review for 1994. Without missing…

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A Last Word on Mad Men

The Axis of Ego

I began to get worried at about 10:58.

Realizing there wasn’t much time left in the series, I wondered how Matthew Weiner would be able to conclude Mad Men in a way that made sense and was true to the characters he had developed over seven (really eight) seasons.

DonDraperDoorThe resolution wasn’t perfect, but I think time will be kind to it.

Last week, I discussed what we might get from the finale.  I noted one key scene in the penultimate episode, where Don appears to glean some stroke of inspiration from staring at a broken, old-fashioned Coke machine.  I said that I thought that would lead to an epiphanic moment in the finale, generating one last spectacular (and redemptive) pitch at McCann that produced an incredible, iconic campaign.

We didn’t get to see the pitch, sadly, but the conclusion of the finale lets the viewer in on the secret:…

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Maurice calls Blues ‘best team in the league’ ahead of tonight’s game in Winnipeg


Remember our old Tuesday Tire Pump? (It’s OK if you don’t, it didn’t last that long.) I ask because Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice seems to have utilized the format, albeit on a Thursday — prior to tonight’s key Western Conference clash against the Blues, Maurice put some major air in St. Louis’ whitewalls.

“I think St. Louis is the best team in the League,” Maurice said, per the Post-Dispatch. “So we have to be at our very best, shift-to-shift. They have been tight games because for the most part we have done that, but we’re going to need a little bit better in everything that we do.”

To their credit, the Jets nearly topped the NHL’s best team last Tuesday, when they rallied from a 4-1 deficit in the third period to even things up… only for Barret Jackman to score an outrageous game-winner from center…

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